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Welcome to the Valcour Sailing Club

In the spring of 1966, Valcour Sailing Club was launched out of the desire for organized racing on a regularly scheduled basis. At that time, racing was limited to weekends, one week the race was on Saturday, the second week, the race was on Sunday. As the years passed, so has the scope of organized racing. VSC now provides organized racing for two weekday series- Tuesday evening Soling races and Thursday evening PHRF races - as well as weekend Soling and PHRF Races.

Ed Tromblay

Daniel Inhelder

Kjell Dahlen

Don Duley

Brian Dowling

Cinthia Audet

Valcour Sailing Club | P.O. Box 1362 | Plattsburgh, NY 12901

VSC News

2014 Standings

2014 Standings

2014 Standings

Valcour Race 2014

PHRF A6 results

Soling 6 Results

2014 Standings

Soling 5 results

Redress Hearing Medical Madness

NOTE we will have a REDRESS HEARING regarding the Medical Madness race.
This hearing will be WEDNESDAY night July 9th, immedately after the racing, to be held aboard AJAX on the city dock.

All interested parties please attend.

Results of Medical Madness 2014

Results of cracked pot race held July 4th

First place Souvenir with corrected time of 2:40:06
Second place Odinn with corrected time of 2:53:40
DSQ was Polar Express (Duley Henderson 30)

This was a pursuit race format so each boat had its own start time based on its handicap.

Valid member list has been updated

Minutes of June 25th, 2014 board meeting

PROTEST HEARING Tuesday, July 1st

There will be a VSC protest hearing Tuesday, July 1 at Plattsburgh Boat Basin as soon as possible following the Soling Race.
Souvenir has lodged a protest against Odinn.

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