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Welcome to the Valcour Sailing Club

In the spring of 1966, Valcour Sailing Club was launched out of the desire for organized racing on a regularly scheduled basis. At that time, racing was limited to weekends, one week the race was on Saturday, the second week, the race was on Sunday. As the years passed, so has the scope of organized racing. VSC now provides organized racing for two weekday series- Tuesday evening Soling races and Thursday evening PHRF races - as well as weekend Soling and PHRF Races.

Ty Kretser

Andrew Sajor

Guy Hausrath

Brian White

Don Duley

Brian Dowling

Ken Hausrath

Valcour Sailing Club | P.O. Box 1362 | Plattsburgh, NY 12901

VSC News

2015 VSC Membership Form

VSC Board Meeting Scheduled

Valcour Sailing Club Board of Directors shall meet Friday August 7, 2015  6PM at Donald Duley and Associates, 132 Cornelia St. Plattsburgh, NY  12901

2015 VSC Membership Form

2015 Valcour Race Results

2015 VSC Race Schedule


Tentative VSC Board Minutes for 5/20/2015

Valcour Sailing Club
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2015

Members Present: Ty Kretser (Commodore), Andy Sajor (Vice Commodore), Don Duley (Treasurer),   Brian White (Secretary), Brian Dowling (Rater)
Member Absent: Guy Hausrath (Rear Commodore), Kenneth Hausrath (member-at-large)
A change was made to the April minutes.  They should read: Andy Sajor will attend a meeting of the Lake Champlain Championship Series on Thursday of this week.  Brian D motioned and Andy seconded a motion to accept the April minutes with the indicated change.  All in favor.
Rater’s report: Brian Dowling reported on changes to the ratings of several Vermont boats.
Treasurer’s report: Don reported that we have $1891 on hand. We have received $800 in memberships and paid $1020 in insurance.  
Vice Commodore’s report: Andy will send schedule to Brian D to post on the website.  Andy will coordinate with the city marina to use it as a base for the Valcour Race.  Two new inflatable marks will be purchased.  
Rear Commodore’s report: None
Member-at-large report: None
Secretary’s report: None
New business:
A motion by Andy was made to appoint Guy H. to be a liaison between the Club and Craig Meyerson to seek resolution for his request for refund.  Brian D. seconded, all in favor.  Brian D. will talk to Guy about this issue.  
Andy will talk to Steve Peters about a VSC space at the city marina.
Motion by Don to incorporate four regattas (two Moonlight Marathons, Solo Valcour, and Omnium) into the VSC schedule in order to provide insurance coverage for those races.  Second by Ty, all in favor.
Next meeting will be June 18th after the Thursday race.  

2015 VOR Newport Stopover

Next VSC Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 20th, 6 pm at Duley and Associates Real Estate Office, 132 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh, NY  12901

Tentative VSC Board minutes for 4/27/2015

Valcour Sailing Club
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2015

Members Present: Ty Kretser (Commodore), Andy Sajor (Vice Commodore), Brian White (Secretary), Brian Dowling (Rater), Guy Hausrath (Rear Commodore), Kenneth Hausrath (member-at-large), Mark Stata, and Michael Parsons
Member Absent: Don Duley (Treasurer),  
Guy moved to accept the minutes of the March 10, 2015 meeting.  Brian Dowling seconded. Vote all in favor.
Brian Dowling reported about a vote to change the by-laws of LCPHRF to include a schedule for aftermarket bow spirts that are longer then J.  
Action item: Andy Sajor will attend a LCPHRF meeting on Thursday this week.  
Action item: Brian White will distribute meeting minutes within two weeks of a meeting and they will be published on the website before they are approved at the following meeting
A lengthy discussion about the Soling format and ways to increase participation. Guy suggested two weekend Soling regattas, possible dates include July 4 and August 15.  Another suggestion included scoring two different Soling series.  Guy offered his pontoon boat for OD duties.  Tim McCormick will be contacted to see if he will OD Soling races.
A discussion of the membership disposition of Craig Meyerson and his threat of law suit.    His request for refund was again tabled.
Brian White made a motion to direct the treasurer to purchase professional liability insurance to protect executive committee members from lawsuit.  No second, motion dies.
Action item: Don Duley will research professional liability insurance and make a presentation at the next meeting.  
Next meeting May 20th, 6 pm at the Duley Real Estate office.  

VSC Board meeting rescheduled

Board of Directors meeting scheduled for 6pm on Monday April 27, 2016 at Eye Care for the Adirondacks, 450 Margarrt Street.

"ISA - International Soling Class -"

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