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Welcome to the Valcour Sailing Club

In the spring of 1966, Valcour Sailing Club was launched out of the desire for organized racing on a regularly scheduled basis. At that time, racing was limited to weekends, one week the race was on Saturday, the second week, the race was on Sunday. As the years passed, so has the scope of organized racing. VSC now provides organized racing for two weekday series- Tuesday evening Soling races and Thursday evening PHRF races - as well as weekend Soling and PHRF Races.

Ty Kretser

Andrew Sajor

Guy Hausrath

Brian White

Don Duley

Brian Dowling

Ken Hausrath

Valcour Sailing Club | P.O. Box 1362 | Plattsburgh, NY 12901

VSC News

VSC Board Meeting

has been postponed due to conflict with schedules and lack of quorum.  Reschedule is tentative for Monday April 27, 2015.

"ISA - International Soling Class -"

Points taken

2015-2-10 Board minutes

VSC Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2015

Members present: Ty Kretser (Commodore), Andrew Sajor (Vice Commodore), Don Duley (Tresurer) Brian White (Secretary), Brian Dowling (Rater).
Members absent: Guy Hausrath (Rear Commodore), Kenneth Hausrath (member-at-large).

Motion to accept minutes from January 15th meeting by Andy S. and seconded by Ty K. All in favor.
Action item: Brian Dowling will confirm with Thomas Hausrath about his willingness to manage the club website.  
After having gone to a lake-wide racing meeting Andy S. discussed changes to the racing schedule he presented at the previous meeting.  Tuesday Soling racing would start June 2nd, and Thursday PHRF racing would start June 4.   He also commented that the permanent mark would not be used this year.  New tetrahedron marks would be purchased.  
Don D. presented a draft budget showing expenses of $3290 and revenues of $3900.  A lengthy discussion involving proposed changes to the membership fees was conducted.  The following structure was proposed:
• Regular membership $100
• Associate membership $100
• Crew membership $50
• Boat entry fee $100
Motion by Ty K. and seconded by Brian W. to add the following rule to the notice of race: Every boat shall have a minimum number of memberships that matches the IRC requirement in order for that boat to be scored.  Vote all in favor.
Next meeting March 10, 2015, 6:00 pm at the Duley Realty office.  

2015-1-15 Board Minutes

Valcour Sailing Club
Executive Committee Meeting
January 15, 2015

Present: Ty Kretser (Commodore), Andrew Sajor (Vice Comomodore), Don Duley (Treasurer), Brian White (Secretary), Brian Dowling (Rater) Absent: Guy Hausrath (Rear Commodore), Kenny Haurath (Member-at-large).

1. Andy presented a draft of the VSC racing schedule.  Motion to accept draft by Don, seconded by Brian D. All in favor
A. Weekday racing to be held Tuesday (Soling) and Wednesday/Thursday (PHRF). Brian W. will poll PHRF owners for preference
B. Fleet captains will help write the sailing instructions for each fleet and will find OD’s for each fleet.
C. PHRF and Soling owners will be assigned to OD weekend (Saturday) races.  
D. LCPHRF meeting next week in Burlington, Andy will attend.
2. Don presented a budget that included expenses totaling $3,100.  These expenses include $1,100 for insurance, $800 for fuel to compensate ODs, and $175 to join US Sailing.  Motion to accept budget by Ty, second by Don, all in favor.  
3. Discussion of membership fee structure was tabled and to be continued at the next meeting.

Next meeting Wednesday February 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm at Irises.  

An Evening with Gary Jobson - Community Sailing Center

The New Zealand Herald In-Port Race Auckland - Full Replay

Opinion requested on marks

Your opinion is requested on using specific government marks as turning marks in race courses. These marks have been used in the past as “leave to” however, since the VSC will not be deploying “permanent” marks due to the lack of a functioning committee boat, we will need to modify our long distance courses to reflect this change.

Since the newer additions to Lake Champlain racing fleet have considerably deeper keels than those past, I ask your thoughts on the prudence of using the following marks as turning marks:

RN2 Valcour

GC3 Valcour

RN4 Prays

RN 26 Spoon Bay

RN 28 Garden Island Ledge

Bear in mind these marks may be OK for our small fleet due to the degree of technology boats carry today but not appropriate for larger regattas where roundings may be congested.

We will be making use of inflatable marks for weekday racing and where needed, for weekend races. The desired format is to have at least two medium length races on a weekend race or one long distance one.

VSC 2015 Season Draft Schelule

VSC By-Laws 2014 08 08.

2014-11-13 Board minutes

2015 VSC officers

Officers elected for Valcour Sailing Club for next season:

Commodore: Ty Kretser
Vice Commodore: Andy Sajor
Rear Commodore: Guy Hausrath
Treasurer: Don Duley
Secretary: Brian White
PHRF rater: Brian Dowling
Member at Large: Kenneth Hausrath

2014_10_15 board meeting minutes

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