2017 Membership Application

Release and Waiver of Rights:
In consideration of Valcour Sailing Club, Inc., its officers, committee members and volunteers (hereinafter collectively “VSC”) efforts and acceptance of my membership, I waive and release any and all claims that I may or will have against VSC and agree to indemnify and defend VSC against all claims I or any person I invite to participate in a VSC event, for damages or injury to property or person, or loss of life, arising out of my entry and my invitees participation in any VSC event. I certify that I am knowledgeable in the rules, practices and associated risks of sailboat handling and racing. I certify that any boat I may enter or skipper in any VSC event is insured by a properly licensed insurance provider against liability for damage or injury, including loss of life, to persons or property in an amount reasonable under the circumstances of the event. I further certify that I, and any boat that I may enter or skipper in any VSC event, will comply with all laws and regulations promulgated by any applicable federal, state, or local authority and by VSC including those regarding safety equipment and devices.

Membership forms shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee.